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Lopgar Sar 5190


Little has been written about the beautiful route across the nonglaciated Lupgar Pir Pass (5190m). Following a route parallel to and south Chapursan Valley, this trek links Yishkuk in upper Chapursan Valley with Raminj in the picturesque and rugged Lupgar Valley. People don’t traditionally use the pass, but graze their livestock in the valleys on both sides of it. Renowned mountaineer Nazir Sabir, who is from Raminj, concurred that this book’s authors’ crossing in 1994 was probably the first since Schomberg’s initial crossing in 1934. Since the 1994 ‘reopening’ of the route, its popularity has been growing every year.

The trek can be done in either direction, but the description below is from west to east starting in Yishkuk, which allows for more gradual acclimatization. This direction entails less ascending, since Yishkuk is 300m higher than Raminj, and the west side of the pass is shorter with less scree than the east side. The route involves two nontechnical glacier traverses.



Drive to Chupurson Via Gojal.


Trek to Raud- Raud (3600m), makes a wonderful camp site. To the west, across the 20km-long Yishkuk Glacier is the unusual red rock called Sekr, at the base of which is a summer settlement. This is a very short walk, but most trekkers need to acclimatize before ascending farther.


Trek to Yishkuk- Camping


Trek to Wyeen


Trek To Haji Beg Camp


Wyeen to Hoopkerch


Haji bag Camp to Wyeen: Follow the stream north-east one to two hours to its head (5100m), then east-north east 30 minutes up steeper scree to the Lupgar Pir Pass (5190m). The pass is usually snow-free by mid-July. Pamir Sar (7016m) is visible beyond Kuk Sar to the south-west, a view Schomberg described as ‘a series of superb peaks and glaciers’.


Hoopkerch to Raminj


Chupurson To Hunza,


Wyeen to Hoopkerch


Fly Back


Hoopkerch to Raminj

What's Included

For both local and international travelers

  • Transport Islamabad- Gilgit- By Air (Incase of Weather Conditions if Flight Cancel, Same day Drive

  • Hotel

  • Transportation

  • Food

  • Trekking Food

  • Permits

  • Hotels

  • Porters- Porter Insurance

  • Guide

  • Cook

  • Helper

  • Pollution Fee

  • Waste Management fee

  • First add medical kit

  • Satellite phone

  • Mess tent

  • Kitchen Tent

  • Sleeping Tent

  • Letter of Invitation

  • Rope

What's not Included

For both local and international travelers

  • Sleeping bags

  • personal gears

  • climbing shoe and clothing

  • life insurances

  • health insurance

  • rescue fee

  • tips and any kind of personal item.

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