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K7 & K6 Trekking


K7 & K6 also known as Baltistan Peal is in Mashubrum area of the Karakorum mountains. The most  frequented approach to K6 Base Camp is from Kande Village which is half-way up Hushe Valley. There is a footbridge over the Hushe river that you cross to reach the Nagmah River on the north of Mingyulu village. Keep walking along the bank of the river till you arrive the Nangmah summer pastures. The BC is on the north-west edge of the Nangmah glacier. The valley is surrounded by steep granite walls that seem to meet in the sky. The stark beauty of this place is awesome. The entire journey from Kande village to BC comprises 3 stages which takes two days to reach. The same stages are repeated on the return journey. K6 was first climbed in 1970 by an expedition of Austrian Alpine Club.



Drive to Hushy via Jeep, Hushy is starting point of the trek. The jeep road crosses the shyok River, and passes the village of khapolu. Macholo, Kanday and kidney, overnight Camp.


Trek from Siacho to Spangser, 4000m. Overnight Camp.


Trek to Siacho, 3300m overnight Camp.


Trek to K7 Base camp, 5-6 hours. 4600m, View of K6.


Trek from K7 Base Camp to Siacho.


Drive to Skardu


Trek from Siacho To hushay


Proceed Goro 2 Concordia (5-7 hours) overnight at Goro 2.

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For both local and international travelers

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For both local and international travelers

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