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Gandogorola and K2 Trek

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The epic trek to Gondogoro La is one of the most adventurous and technical treks in Pakistan. Gondogoro La is a 5940m pass that separates the Hushe Valley from the Upper Baltoro Glacier, but that is not what makes it special. From the pass, one of the world's greatest mountain panoramas unfolds before you. The four 8000 meter peaks of the Karakorums are easily visible, including K2 (8611m), and countless smaller peaks stretch into the distance as far as you can see. This is an awe-inspriring place that few people ever get to experience.
The Gondogoro La Trek can be started from either Hushe in the east or
Askole in the west. Most people choose to start from Askole for a few reasons: the approach is longer and gives more time for acclimatization and if conditions are not good for crossing the pass, trekkers don't miss visiting Concordia and the Baltoro Glacier. For those already acclimatized, the shorter, beautiful approach from Hushe might be a good option, especially if you plan to link this trek with the Snow Lake Trek to form the Karakorum Traverse. There are also many great treks out of the Hushe Valley that can be great additions to visiting the pass. Gondogoro La is a technical, strenuous trek and is not a good choice for a first-time trekker. Crampons, fixed ropes, and an early morning start must be used to reach the pass and the trekker must be fit as well. Occasionally, crevasses or bad weather can prohibit a successful ascent and anyone planning to trek must be aware of this. However, this is one of the greatest treks in the world and all the effort of reaching the pass is definitely worth it. We guarantee excellent preparation and if the weather and route are clear, you will stand on Gondogoro La. Please contact us for more information.


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May 10th, 2014
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September 1st, 2014

Biafo-Hisper La and Snow Lake Trek

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Also known as the Biafo-Hispar Trek, The Snow Lake Trek is another one of Pakistan's greatest treks. It has been rated as one of the top five treks in the world for its extreme beauty and adventurous nature. The route is formed by the Biafo and Hispar Glaciers which form the longest continuous stretch (114km) of glacier in the Karakorums. This icy highway takes trekkers deep into the mountains towards Snow Lake, the large glacial basin formed by the Lukpe La and Sim Glaciers. Snow Lake is surrounded by towering peaks and magnificent granite spires, creating what has been called some of the finest mountain scenery on the planet! Crossing Hispar La (5150m) is another one of the trek's highlights and spending the night on the pass is an unforgettable experience. Most groups start this trek from the village of Askole in Baltistan's Shigar Valley and end in the village of Hispar in the Nagar Valley. Over two-thirds of the trek is on glacier, which can be very demanding, but most campsites are off the glacier in beautiful meadows with impressive views. Trekking across Snow Lake requires traveling in roped teams due to the danger of hidden crevasses, but the walking is not difficult. Crampons are not needed, but because the route can be difficult to follow, an experienced guide is necessary. This is also one of the longest treks in Pakistan. From Gilgit to Gilgit it normally requires at least 16 days, but it is possible to do it faster depending on fitness and weather.


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May 1st, 2014
June 3rd
June 25th
July 15th
August 5th
September 1st, 2014

Nanga Parbat Rupal Peak Climb and Trek

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Over 5500m high, Rupal Peak is a worthwhile objective without being too difficult, time consuming, or expensive and is a great option for those who are looking for something more adventurous. This beautiful peak faces the south-east side of Nanga Parbat, but remains hidden from the view of most trekkers as if it doesn't want to distract attention to its bigger brother. It is an impressive peak when finally viewed and seems to be more difficult than it actually is. While it does require some roped travel, it is not very technical, making it ideal for strong trekkers and beginning mountaineers. From the peak you will be rewarded with great views of Nanga Parbat, surrounding peaks such as Laila and Shaigiri, and the beautiful Astore Valley. You can even see into Kashmir.
Rupal Peak is approached along the Rupal Trek which is a great experience in itself. From Shaigiri, the last camp of the trek, a steep climb up the lower slopes of the peak leads to Rupal High Camp. Very early the next morning, climbers leave the high camp and attempt the summit. The most difficult section is just before the summit, along the narrow ridge. Fortunately, this section is short and the summit is within easy reach once this last difficulty has been crossed. The descent is tiring and but it is relieving to be back at the high camp for a good rest before the trek back to civilization. We recommend 8 days for this adventure if you haven't acclimatized already. If you are acclimatized, it can be done in 5-7 from Gilgit to Gilgit. We know Rupal Peak better than anyone else and would love to organize this trip for you!


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April 5th, 2014
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Rakaposhi Trek

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The Rakaposhi Trek is an excellent option for those who want to trek, but don't have much time. It is one of the easiest approaches to a 7000m peak in the world and offers incredible scenery along the way. The trek begins from the small village of Minapin and climbs up to Rakaposhi Base Camp through meadows, pine forest, and shepherd's pastures. Wild flowers are plentiful on the upper portion of the trail and there are excelent views of the Ultar peaks above Hunza. Rakaposhi Base Camp is a beautiful meadow in the sheltered valley between the Minapin Glacier and a steep ridge. From base camp, there are excellent views of Rakaposhi (7788m) and Diran (7257m), although the view from the ridge behind base camp is even better, especially at sunset. Across the Minapin Glacier lies Diran Base Camp which is more secluded, has even better views of the peaks, and more wildflowers. From base camp, a steep climb leads to Kacheli, a small lake situated in an incredible location. Impressive views of the entire area make the climb to the lake worthwhile and a swim in Kacheli is a refreshing way to take a bath!
All of these things together form one of the best short trekking options in Gilgit-Baltistan. You can do it in as little as one day or as many as six. And it's cheap! We are happy to provide you with a more detailed itinerary or more information, just
send us an email.


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